We work with architects, developers and private clients to completely renovate, extend and convert private residences.

We manage every aspect of the construction process for you. You get a committed team of skilled experts, providing all the building services your project requires. The bigger and more complex the project, the happier we are. We are completists.

We think of every project as a partnership. We work proactively with the wider team – building control, local councils, designers, architects, structural engineers and building merchants.

We using our construction expertise to deliver a stress-free result of the highest standards.

Put simply, you give us the plans and we give you the keys to your perfect, finished home.

What we believe in:

We do things the Ranex way.

We believe in ‘no surprises’. We never over-promise or under cost to get a job. That’s why we always deliver on time and to budget.

We believe that what you can’t see is every bit as important as what you can see. We never cut corners.

But we do pass on cost savings where it’s right to do so. If a job is unnecessary, we’ll tell you.

We believe in building relationships. Weekly schedules and meetings keep you and the wider project team fully informed at every stage.

Our aim is perfection. Once a project is finished, we always return to make sure everything is just so.

We’ve been known to drop in several years later, just to make sure our work has stood the test of time. All free of charge, naturally.

We believe that nothing is too much trouble and we’ll always go out of our way to help.

That’s why we build homes and client relationships that last a lifetime.



Pride in our achievements inspire us. That’s why we specialise in complete refurbishments, top to toe. We don’t farm out, or pass on, or work alongside other building contractors. We are starters and finishers.


Problems inspire us. We see them as opportunities to excel. That’s when our expertise and reputation for innovative solutions shines. And that’s why the bigger, more complicated and challenging a project is, the more we want it.


We’re inspired by great jobs, great outcomes and complete satisfaction.

If you have any building queries or would like discuss a quotation please feel free to get in touch with us.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

We will work hard to make sure that our relationship is based on open and honest communication at all levels. If we get that right, trust and understanding will develop and we will all be able to succeed.


Think about it.

Have you ever recommended a second rate anything to anyone?
Of course not. Personal recommendation, it’s said, speaks volumes, so sometimes it’s good to let the clients do the talking…


Over the years we have used various contractors on a number of projects, frankly with mixed experience. None were like Ranex, who delivered a project to a high standard, on time, within budget, reliably, honestly, and giving us the confidence that they took pride in our job.
David and Marion, St. John's Wood
Their post-completion service was impeccable.
It is a pleasure to work with this team. They honoured the trust that we put in them. We commend them to you.
David and Marion, St. John's Wood
Ranex are different. We enjoyed the experience of a quality contractor, who brought high standards and integrity to our project. Ranex more than delivered to us what they had promised and there was ‘no such thing as a problem’.
David and Marion, St. John's Wood
The quality of Ranex’s work and expertise has been evident from start to finish on our loft extension. They provided excellent design and project management skills, vision and faultless application.
Julie and Simon, Islington
The transformation is outstanding, both internally and externally. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ranex for any major building project. And our five-year-old daughter loved all the friendly guys on the team!
Julie and Simon, Islington
Nesha Rupar’s team of happy and hardworking tradesmen did a really top notch job building an extra floor on top of my house. Ahead of schedule, on budget, to contract, and then a few free extras for good measure.
Robert, Primrose Hill
Two years later, I used them again to build an extension into the garden and I’ve often recommended them to friends and family.
Robert, Primrose Hill
The finishes were faultless and their solutions to failings in the designs, plans, and the drawings were clever and practical and came at no extra cost.
Robert, Primrose Hill
We are extremely happy to recommend Ranex who have now completed a number of major jobs for us over the past seven years (this includes three large extensions). We’ve found their work to be of a very high standard and have total confidence in their abilities.
Stanley and Michelle, Hampstead
The Ranex staff have at all times been very professional, courteous and accommodating. They are punctual and always tidy up at the end of each day before leaving. All our jobs were completed on schedule and within budget.
Stanley and Michelle, Hampstead
Thank you very much to you and to your team for the excellent job you did in our house. You made sure that the job was completed on time and to a high standard. We also very much appreciated your team’s services after the work was completed.
Mary and Jonathan, Hampstead
If there was a problem in the house someone from Ranex came to sort it out. We would not hesitate to recommend them.
Mary and Jonathan, Hampstead